26 January 2012

baby's first.

we hit our first drive by estate sale in our new home base city over the weekend. the girls were along for the ride, so we loaded them (still sleeping) into their ergos and went in, more to peep into the strange, sloping baroque wooden house than for whatever was left inside.

instead, a lonely, early 1940s cotton dress was waiting for me in a downstairs closet. I also took home this white cotton gauze hankie. I'd dream about that handstitched border at night, otherwise.


Lara said...

How fabulous! My son is a bit too young yet for outings in Chicago but, I CANNOT wait until the summer when I can pop him in the ring sling and go hunting garage sales and estate sales.

EsquireTW said...

Hi, I am new to the blog world, but I love your blogs about vintage, especially since I am an avid fan and wearer of vintage clothing and accessories.

Love the hem on the handkerchief. Why don't we use them anymore? Hmmm.


Kelly / Mod Human Vintage said...

Now that sounds like fun! How old are your girls? My husband and I are having our first baby (within a matter of days actually) and I'm scared I will never be able to hit up thrift stores and estates sales ever again :( This post actually gives me inspiration that there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

Best Wishes!
Mod Human Vintage

dress1 said...

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Lauren Knight said...

That handkerchief is beautiful! Great find!

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