28 September 2011

pleated chiffon.


speaking of pleated chiffon...what the heck? another little black vintage dress? I just can't say no.

27 September 2011

linen coupe.


on my long term wishlist: a half dozen of these gorgeous and classically modern linen white studio mugs from heath ceramics.

23 September 2011

prada s/s 2012.

09_23_11 1
09_23_11 2
09_23_11 3

hello, roman holiday! time to dig out that black vintage satin coat from the back of my closet and hold on to the pleated chiffon until spring rolls around again.

14 September 2011

12 September 2011



a friend just sent over a quick backstage shot of the shoes that went down the runway at donna karan just hours ago. I can't wait to get my hands on that chartreuse pair for next spring.

09 September 2011

off the grid.

09_09_11 1
09_09_11 2

another favorite making its way into the world.

vintage 1950s off the grid dress in the shop now.

07 September 2011

gedney farm.

09_08_11 1
09_08_11 2
09_08_11 3

some gorgeous photos from the wedding of two of my most favorite people in this month's issue of msw.

ps. love those striped bridesmaids and those flags, wink wink!

06 September 2011

scenes from chatham.


a long weekend, still too short.