25 April 2011

mon cadeau.


the tinier, the better, I think. and now I want one for every letter of the alphabet.

available here.

21 April 2011

double phoenix.

04_21_11 1

quite possibly the best mid century china pattern maybe ever.

available here.

18 April 2011

flea market style.


stopping back in briefly just to say that I've lowered prices on practically everything in the shop to make room for the tons of new dresses that will be posted a little later this spring.

see something you like? make me an offer, flea style!

if your offer is accepted (and I will consider anything reasonable), the listing will be held under your name for 24 hours.

hope to see you at the shop.

01 April 2011

back soon.


13bees is taking a short hiatus. see you soon!