28 February 2011

brass knot.


one of my most elegant friends showed up to a party we had yesterday wearing this gorgeous knotted cuff. a simple, chic statement.

I won't say she didn't inspire this etsy search.

22 February 2011

a dress for a dress: blush knit.

02_22_10 1

there was no denying myself this 1970s ecru lanvin-esque grecian beauty...

02_22_10 2

...so out must come a 1940s blush pink knit that I've long admired hanging but never had the chance to wear.

vintage 1940s girl in a million dress in the shop now.

16 February 2011

february fifteen.


well, that was yesterday. but in honor of getting over the midpoint of the longest/shortest month of the year, everything in the shop is 15% off through midnight sunday monday!

(just enter february15 at checkout and discount will be taken automatically).

15 February 2011



instead of flowers, I got pink sugar. (it is good to be known, and loved.)

hope you had a wonderful day filled with piles of candy hearts.

14 February 2011


02_14_11 1
02_14_11 3
02_14_11 2

interesting and understated via dawes design.

11 February 2011

a parade of skirts.

02_11_11 1
02_11_11 2
02_11_11 3
02_11_11 4
02_11_11 5
02_11_11 6

a literal parade of well-skirted skirts and a pop of purple among some subtle neutrals.

all in the shop now.

09 February 2011

hello valentine.

02_09_11 2

dig right into that heart shaped box of chocolates!

vintage 1960s hello valentine dress in the shop now.

07 February 2011

sparkle lovely.


I've always loved wearing a stack of thin gold rings on one finger and lately have been looking to add a few more.

it would be lovely to find this tiny sparkly thing underneath the valentine's day tree this year!

05 February 2011

swoops and slopes.


wouldn't saturday morning coffee and croissants just taste better off of this glossy snow white backdrop? this little 1950s rosenthal/loewy dessert set is perfection!

02 February 2011

blissful ignorance.

02_02_11 1
02_02_11 2
02_02_11 3
02_02_11 4
02_02_11 5
02_02_11 6

I'm going to totally ignore the fact that it's raining ice outside and put these pretty dresses into the shop instead.