28 January 2011

norman hartnell.

01_28_11 1
01_28_11 2
01_28_11 3

a steel grey 1950s norman hartnell to die for.

27 January 2011



stunning, lustig-esque book jackets designed for a new series of kafka reprints. editions available this summer.

via rg, via jacketmechanical.

25 January 2011

times three.

01_25_11 1
01_25_11 2
01_25_11 3

good things come in threes...(and in silver!)

all three pairs in the shop now!

24 January 2011

miss bg.


this dark as night charcoal wool skirt was firmly on my to sell rack...but in the end, I just couldn't say no to the tag.

19 January 2011

spring dreams.

01_19_10 1
01_19_10 2

in the heart of january's frost.

vintage 1950s if I had a million dress in the shop now.

18 January 2011

enna jettick.


stitching doesn't get better than this.

13 January 2011

more snow.

01_13_11 1
01_13_11 2

and the wind is biting. nothing keeps a girl warm like vintage fur.

from top: vintage 70s by your leave fox fur coat, vintage 70s a day in the country red fox fur coat.

11 January 2011

gold constellation.


dream bangle.

(seems like I've got sparkly and gold things on my mind these days.)

08 January 2011

sweet treat.


indulged in some retail therapy on a dreary and cold saturday afternoon. add a cup of steaming hot chocolate, and I'm all set for the rest of the day.

07 January 2011

beauty in numbers.

01_07_11 1
01_07_11 2
01_07_11 3
01_07_11 4

while in rhinebeck for the holiday break, we stumbled upon the most amazing shop filled with dozens of instant collections. we could only peek in the front windows since it was closed but what we saw was spectacular.

images from top: 1, 2, 3, 4.

05 January 2011

a look back.

01_05_11 1
01_05_11 2
01_05_11 3
01_05_11 4
01_05_11 5
01_05_11 6

a bit behind schedule for a 2010 recap, but that's how we roll!

here are a few of my personal favorite dresses of the year's past...all which have since taken up new residence in other well appointed vintage closets.

from top: 1930s ruby gentry dress, 1940s rain or shine dress, 1950s and now tomorrow dress, 1930s the silent world dress, 1950s penny princess dress, 1950s the rains came dress.

04 January 2011

tom ford s/s 2011.

as stf succinctly says, a seriously fun way to spend three minutes!