26 December 2010

santa tzu.


some post-holiday wishes and blessings from the most celebratory member of our family (who has also been voted most likely be fast asleep as the ball drops into 2011).

21 December 2010

drift grey.

12_21_10 1

the perfect $25 gift for almost anyone on your list. make it even better and put a few tiny blooms inside first.

20 December 2010

so pretty it hurts.

12_20_10 1
12_20_10 2
12_20_10 3

the amazing amateur couture wrote about the winter 2011 collection from new zealand designer juliette hogan and I pretty much want all of it in my closet. now.

(she also makes the prettiest getups for wee ones).

18 December 2010

our first tree.

12_18_10 1
12_18_10 2
12_18_10 3

is up! these photos were taken before I was lucky enough to snag some vintage family ornaments from my mom and grandmother, but looking at them makes me happy nonetheless. when the tiny lights are plugged in and the rest of the house is dark, everything just glows...

15 December 2010

warm toes.


new york city is suddenly frigid. and while I won't be climbing any snow drifts or scaling any walls of ice, my toes (to knees) will indeed be warm as we walk among the crowds on fifth avenue this weekend.

thanks to the great girls at cougar boots for sending these my way!

14 December 2010

sparkly sale.


everything in the shop is 10% off through midnight friday, december 17th!

(use code holiday10 at checkout.)

10 December 2010

friday (holiday) update.

12_10_10 1
12_10_10 2
12_10_10 3
12_10_10 4
12_10_10 5
12_10_10 6

oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the dresses are so delightful!

from top: vintage 60s four days leave dress, vintage 40s the witching hour dress, vintage 60s the middle of the night dress set, vintage 50s count the hours coat dress, vintage 50s gates of paris dress, vintage 40s false colors dress.

09 December 2010

rhinestone bloom.

12_09_10 1
12_09_10 2

I unearthed this pin junking through maine with friends last summer. it's unmarked, but so heavy, obviously quality and just the thing to bling up a basic lbd for a fancy dinner this winter. considering how expensive new costume jewelry can be these days, vintage certainly wins again!

02 December 2010

information is beautiful.


(view large version here


(view large version here).


(view large version here).

I could (and did) spend hours studying the bold, illustrative graphs and charts in this book. it'd also be a perfect holiday gift for the information geek in your life.