23 November 2010



cute new elf boots for winter.

22 November 2010

velvet cheer.

11_22_10 1
11_22_10 2

a wrap your gifts, curl your ribbons, tip your cocktail and get kissed under the mistletoe kind of holiday dress!

vintage 50s for the first time dress in the shop now.

18 November 2010

9 1/2 feet.

11_18_10 1
11_18_10 2

nothing better than getting all wrapped up in nine-and-a-half feet of chunky warm crochet. mmmm, fall.

16 November 2010

spike stud.


the perfect pair to find under the tree.

via lizzie scheck jewelry.

15 November 2010

modern mad men.

11_15_10 1
11_15_10 2

mw and friends looked completely and perfectly late 50s mad men at a good friend's wedding this weekend. the super old-world, opulent interior of the grill room at new york city's yale club didn't quite hurt the cause, either.

(though wearing this put me in the entirely wrong decade.)

thanks to inon for the fabulous iphone pics!

11 November 2010

the lbvd.

11_11_10 1
11_11_10 2
11_11_10 3
11_11_10 4
11_11_10 5
11_11_10 6
11_11_10 7

sometimes I think I should've named this blog the little black vintage dress.

all to be listed in the shop next week.

09 November 2010



having a love affair from afar with this rug.

08 November 2010

less than, greater than.

11_08_10 1
11_08_10 2
11_08_10 3

I've been holding onto this charcoal printed beauty for quite some time. while not a party dress per se, there is something decidedly festive in its making. or, it could be that I'm just in a mood and this dress really fits in best in front of a classroom, parsing mathematical inequalities.

vintage 1950s less than, greater than dress in the shop now.

03 November 2010

beach house.


want this in an xs, please.


01 November 2010

music for.


one of my favorite records of all time was just reissued on vinyl and after all of these years of listening to a cd, it's almost like hearing it for the first time. there is no better soundtrack for a quiet, cold autumn afternoon (like today).

if you've never heard rachel's before and think you might like them, I have a one-time-use url and download code for the first person who emails me.