28 October 2010

five mine cut.


oh, wow.

erie basin.

25 October 2010

fly away.


continuing in the tradition of all things feathered, some 1930s eye candy via this exhibition catalog.

charles james china silk brocade evening gown circa 1936.

22 October 2010

holiday sparkle.


it's early, but I've got holidays on the mind. and look at this beauty...truly gorgeous from all angles!

vintage 1950s enchantment dress and jacket set in the shop now.

21 October 2010

frilly white.

these marabou feather shrugs, popular in the late 70s and early 80s, look absolutely chic when paired with an understated, long deco era gown. I have one in black, but am coveting one in a creamy white, just like this. it'd be sort of like having wings for a night.

20 October 2010

blues and purples and blacks.

10_20_10 1
10_20_10 2
10_20_10 3
10_20_10 4
10_20_10 5
10_20_10 6

oh my!

all new turquoise, indigo and black-as-night autumn things listed today in the shop.

19 October 2010

handcrafted modern.

10_19_10 1
10_19_10 2
10_19_10 3
10_19_10 4
10_19_10 5

I am antsy to get my hands on this new book which gives a rare glimpse into the living and working interiors of the most iconic mid century designers.

all photos by leslie williamson via her blog.

15 October 2010

playing tag.

10_15_10 2
10_15_10 1

some recent favorites (names edition!).

14 October 2010



a new favorite dress. (and it's not even in my mailbox yet.) and it's even better now that it's hanging in my closet.

13 October 2010

at the carwash.

10_13_10 1
10_13_10 2
10_13_10 3

I've had carwash dresses on my mind ever since seeing this gorgeous shot last year. soon after, I stumbled upon this beauty. not quite as dramatic...but with a belt and a twirl, maybe close?

11 October 2010

tiny acorns.

10_11_10 1
10_11_10 2

top: a picture perfect oak tree acorn found on this morning's walk.

bottom: a pitch perfect handmade acorn speaker picked up at the insound design store last night.

08 October 2010

miu miu s/s 11.

10_08_10 1
10_08_10 2

those lips! that bag! and who does the modern black dress better than ms prada?

04 October 2010

seeing spots.

10_04_10 1
10_04_10 2

this totally perfect vintage 1960s faux leopard pencil skirt is filed under things I will most likely regret parting with.

to be listed later today in the shop.