30 September 2010

ruffles + leather.

09_30_10 1

swoon. especially chic when paired with an elegant tweed jacket in a pretty fall color.

28 September 2010

gimme black.

09_28_10 1
09_28_10 2
09_28_10 3
09_28_10 4
09_28_10 5

usually I stock up most of the glitz and glam for holiday shopping, but why shouldn't pretty sequin boleros, sultry sheaths and bombshell frocks be given the chance to be worn year round?

27 September 2010



and while we're still on the subject of jewelry, how chic would these be with a simple silk dress and a loose bun?

24 September 2010

golden bar.


loving the clean, simple lines of this necklace. perfect for layering.

22 September 2010

dear fall.

10_09_09 2

welcome. you've been missed! more than ever, I am looking forward to cooler temperatures and leaf gazing escapes from the city...

17 September 2010

what's to come.


I had a brief love affair with this pair of sweet and quirky vintage 1940s jodhpurs before sending them off to a much better home than I could ever provide. see them in gorgeously styled action over at the lovely sally jane vintage!

and while they're not for sale anywhere, hopefully they'll provide a brief glimpse into the sort of great vintage 13bees has got lined up for fall...

15 September 2010

long lost shop update.

09_15_10 1
09_15_10 2
09_15_10 4
09_15_10 5
09_15_10 3

between the lazy (laziest?) last days of summer, the long holiday weekend and the perfect fading into fall weather outside, the shop hasn't been restocked in a few weeks. sorry 'bout that! things'll be a bit more regular here on out...

from top: 1960s never so few dress, 1950s ceil chapman shadow of a doubt dress, 1940s garden of the moon dress, 1940s the paris express dress, 1940s it all came true dress.

13 September 2010

touchable sound.


I was flipping through this new book all weekend.

10 September 2010

rainier cherries.


one of the most moodily beautiful photographs I've seen in a while.

via the photostream of abbytrysagain.

07 September 2010

archive leather.


I continue to find myself wondering into madewell for all sorts of basics. my newest acquisition for fall: these boots. a little bit english, a little bit western, a lot of the wear-with-everything quality essential to simple cold weather dressing.

01 September 2010

70s lanvin.


a dramatic 70s lucite pendant that's perfect with fall's prim dresses.