29 August 2010

anna and grace.


can come home and live on your shelf.

25 August 2010

cookie swap.


I went to an adorably (and literally!) sweet cookie swap party last night. my particular brand of sugar coma came care of a top-secret recipe from my grandmother (though in truth, it looked a lot like this).

23 August 2010

sterling cooper for sale.

08_23_10 2

08_23_10 1

the auction for joan's amazing avocado green dress ended last night. among the thousands of things listed with the words mad men in the title, this dress actually meant it.

20 August 2010

pea green.


glossy pea green hunter wellies for fall? sign me up.

19 August 2010

the national, mpls.


jason munn's newest poster for the national would look amazing on any wall.

18 August 2010

scenes from vermont: august.

08_18_10 7
08_18_10 1
08_18_10 2
08_18_10 5
08_18_10 4
08_18_10 6

swirled creemees were eaten, dirt roads were strolled, horses were fed, vintage was discovered, stars were gazed and a lot of wondering how we were ever going to be able to leave happened pretty often...

17 August 2010

hiding out.


look closely.

(we'd never seen cows grazing in the forest, either. )

06 August 2010



13bees will be on holiday in vermont beginning today but the shop remains open. shipping will resume on monday, august 16th.

the photo above is of what might possibly be my favorite place on earth: lareau farm in waitsfield, vermont. behind the barn you'll not only find 1.5 acres of organic vegetable gardens but also the inimitable and divinely delicous american flatbread.

we cannot wait!

05 August 2010

getting ready.

08_05_10 1
08_05_10 2
08_05_10 3

a small getting-ready-for-fall-shop update. hard to imagine cooler days ahead - but they're comin'!

from top: 60s caught short dress, 50s carnet de bal skirt, 40s hearts of the world dress.

04 August 2010

mexican vanilla.


it probably goes without saying, but we're having a really good time with our ice cream maker. our latest attempt was inspired by the amy's concoction that mw's fiercely loyal to (on a daily basis) anytime we visit austin, tx.

03 August 2010

high style.

07_30_10 1

top: charles james, c. 1953.
bottom: charles james, 1951.

07_30_10 2

top l,r: charles james, 1948. charles james, 1948.
bottom l,r: elizabeth hawes, 1937. ena hentz, 1944.

07_30_10 3

top: caroline schnurer, 1950.
bottom: claire mccardell, 1944.

feeling less than sartorially inspired these days, so am turning to last week's photos from the brooklyn museum show for a little bit (okay, a lot!) of vintage beauty.

02 August 2010

nick butcher.

08_03_10 4

08_03_10 3

08_03_10 2

loving the new work of nick butcher, a chicago based artist and one half of the design studio sonnenzimmer.