30 June 2010

tiny + lovely.

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the tiniest of shop updates with the loveliest of things.

from top: 1940s the roots of heaven skirt, 1960s so dark the night dress, 1960s pickpocket dress all in the shop now.

29 June 2010

black and red.

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06_29_10 2

I bought this wonderful 1970s albert nipon sheer print dress at the brooklyn flea this past weekend for a song and had great plans to take the hem up and make this my (other) perfect summer dress. excitement got in the way of size consideration and, well, I can't zip it up.

short of breaking a few ribs, what to do?

26 June 2010

watermelon sorbet.


a bright burst of watermelon candy pink will be the star of any summer party.

vintage 1950s a star is born dress in the shop now.

25 June 2010

minted snap peas.

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06_25_10 2

csa season has begun! we usually eat these crunchy things right out of the bag, but thought I'd try cooking them this time. once I added some mint from my dad's garden, the results were out of this world.

+ shell about a pound of snap peas and quickly blanch them in a small pot of boiling water
+ transfer quickly to an ice bath. in the meantime, melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a skillet
+ saute a handful of chopped green onions for a minute and add the drained peas
+ season with salt and pepper and cook for another 3-4 minutes
+ add a few tablespoons of chopped mint right before serving

(there are no photos of the finished product because we ate it too fast!)

24 June 2010

brights and blips.

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the turning of spring into summer has gotten me in a mood for brights and prints of all kinds.

there's no shortage of saturated and bold in this week's shop update!

23 June 2010

tropical blooms.

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06_23_10 1

this vintage 1940s gown makes me want nothing more than to step out of a wood frame bungalow overlooking the ocean, tuck a hibiscus flower behind my ear and take a sip from the ice cold mai tai in my hand. paradise!

vintage 1940s south pacific gown in the shop now!

21 June 2010

scenes from a shower.

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06_21_10 4

flowers, fun, love and bubbly (in no particular order...)

...read more here.

17 June 2010


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while it is not this insanely stunning 1920s deco beaded beauty, it is chanel and it was, amazingly, found at the thrift.

16 June 2010

lucille, circa 1943.


there's nothing quite like a snapshot of the past to provide endless inspiration, but they're even more special when the photo is of someone close to your heart. in this case my grandmother, lucille, posing in front of the camera before a high school dance in queens, new york, circa 1943.

15 June 2010



kind of wild about these norma kamali vintage inspired cateye sunglasses.

11 June 2010

this or that: vivienne westwood.


this amazing (and on sale for $1,905.00) vivienne westwood black silk corset dress, or this little strapless frock with a draped tulip skirt and sweetheart bodice for....$62. can vintage ever possibly lose?

photo on the left via net-a-porter.

10 June 2010

pointillist dress.


yep, madewell's online and I'm looking forward to wearing my new favorite dress all summer long.

09 June 2010

union hill inn.

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06_09_10 4

I never post about weddings, but this vintage inspired, sepia toned affair was too good to resist.

via 100 layer cake. photos by one love photo.

07 June 2010

tiny gold.

we stayed local and hit up the makers market yesterday afternoon. my favorite vendor by far sold handmade gold and silver jewelry studded with the tiniest of precious stones. in love.

images via satomi kawakita.

04 June 2010

rock paper show.

looking forward to celebrating the official new york release of rock paper show at the strand tonight!

03 June 2010

02 June 2010