30 April 2010

music posters.

04_30_10 1

our copy arrived in the mail last month: it's gorgeous and included some work that we'd never seen before.

(also, loving the download-able desktop wallpaper!)

27 April 2010

scenes from miami.


missing the sun (and the frozen drinks, served poolside).

high violet.

04_27_10 1

ooooh, it's really good.

23 April 2010



my favorite way to carry around a credit card, a $20 bill and a lipgloss (once the cake makeup is cleared out) in an evening bag. the more sparkle, the better.

clockwise from top left: jewelboxtreasures, aestheticsandoldlace, retrosplurge, welchva, gildedageaffairs, trendvintage.

22 April 2010

eyelet creme.

04_22_10 2
04_22_10 3

the most lovely vintage rehearsal dinner, casual wedding or day after picnic dress ever.

1970s the moon and sixpence dress (in the shop now!).

metal birds.


I may or may not have a thing for birds made out of metal. this sweet and chubby pair was hiding on a dusty shelf in a big red barn on the new hampshire border and now sit proudly on a table back at our house.

21 April 2010

scenes from vermont: day two.


but eventually, we had to pack back up and go.

20 April 2010

scenes from vermont: day one.

once we're there, we never want to leave.

19 April 2010

christmas, 1953.


this behind-the-scenes shot of a perfume clerk during a harried shopping season made me smile.

via the cleveland state university library special collections.

15 April 2010

greetings from vermont.


we up and left on an impromptu weekend, tucked away in a house with green rolling hills in every which direction. the drive up (for once) was a breeze and we're already feeling the city behind us.

the house we're sleeping in is a couple hundred plus years old with buckling, twelve inch floorboards to prove it (and may be haunted, though I'm trying not to think too hard about it).

13 April 2010

how to wear.

04_13_10 1
04_13_10 2

the 60s version of the shopping pages one sees in almost every fashion magazine these days, except these sweet little illustrations were found in a book about sewing.

12 April 2010

rain or shine.


not that I'm wishing for any more cloudy skies, but I couldn't resist picking this umbrella up on my way home today. soooo much better than the dreary black ones you see all over the street!

09 April 2010

with lemon.


we're not too big on overly sweet and overly priced bottled iced tea drinks, especially when it's so easy to make our own. there are tons of great recipes for homemade brew, but since we're almost through our third gallon this week (it's finally warm out!), I thought I'd share mine:

• heat four cups of water to almost boiling (I microwave the h2o in a heat safe glass beaker so pouring's easy)
• remove the tags from four black tea bags and tie the strings together
• steep the tea until it's strong (this is your base)
• if desired, add a tablespoon or two of sugar while the water is still warm
• pour into your serving pitcher and top off with six or seven cups of plain, cold water to dilute
• add ice

et voila! limitless iced tea and endless variations! I sometimes add a single bag of peach or raspberry tea for extra flavor and always, always add fresh slices of lemon.

above: marta cooler from cb2, thrifted 1940s glass pitcher.

08 April 2010


I saw the trailer to this amazing looking 1930s era movie last year and then completely forgot about it until seeing the gorgeous screen shots posted on SJV last week. now, I really cannot wait to see it in full (and hopefully won't forget this time).

07 April 2010

shiny patent shoes.

04_07_10 1
04_07_10 2

I sure don't need them, but I sure do want them.

06 April 2010

snaps, hooks and eyes.

04_06_10 2
04_06_10 3
04_06_10 1
04_06_10 4

I bought this book for the chapter on fabric identification (more on that later) but was pleasantly surprised by the dozens of sassy illustrations scattered throughout the pages of the 1961 edition.

(and also by the fact that I am not alone in describing overly full skirted dresses as frothy!)

04 April 2010

easter dressing.

04_04_10 1
04_04_10 2
04_04_10 3

a rare and special early 1950s madeleine fauth cotton sundress just in time for the dressiest day of april.

(and for those of you who follow this blog, you may remember its twin in pink!)

from top: a madeleine fauth/acrilan ad from a march 1954 issue of time magazine, 1950s new moon dress (in the shop now!).

03 April 2010

checks please.

04_03_10 1
04_03_10 2

a warm weather, lazing on the front porch sipping lemonade sort of necessity...

from top: the road back dress, little big shot dress.

02 April 2010

m. vionnet.

04_02_10 2

ever have one of those moments where you'd give everything else up in exchange for that one perfectly exquisite piece?

that's how I feel about this ca. 1939 madeleine vionnet evening gown from the costume institute collection at the met.

more than two hundred select pieces from the collection can also be viewed online here.

01 April 2010

sun and rain.

04_01_10 2
04_01_10 1

the combination of grey and yellow does not get nearly the sort of attention it deserves. this dress gets me in about a million different ways. the muted scribbly print, the splashes of aqua scattered throughout, the scalloped neckline...it goes on and on.