31 March 2010

the wooden birds.


in addition to putting out one of the most quietly beautiful albums of the past year, the wooden birds also want to write a song about you.

the deadline was yesterday but a good story is timeless, isn't it?

(pick up the lp or download the mp3 here.)

30 March 2010

stripes and flowers.

03_30_10 1
03_30_10 2
03_30_10 3

it's slow to feel like spring in the city, but I'm wishing and hoping with the help of some charming warm weather frocks. all to be listed this afternoon in the shop.

from top: innocents in paris dress, happy landing dress, morning glory dress.

26 March 2010


03_26_10 1

this past week, this little bird and I donned our white cotton gloves and groped 20s and 30s silk dresses by the dozens at our first designer and textile auction of the season. I said I'd be fine if I walked away empty handed but truth be told, I probably would've been a little bit sad.

03_26_10 2

from top: black rayon crepe gown with alençon lace at neckline and matching bolero c. 1935, black wool crepe gown with skirt in accordion pleats c. 1939. provenance: brooklyn museum costume collection.

more photos of lots from the actual auction can be seen here.

24 March 2010

purple python.


this. want.

images via etsy seller coolvintagefinds.

23 March 2010

vintage sxsw.

03_23_10 1
03_23_10 2
03_23_10 3

we spent most of our sxsw days seeing bands, but since austin is a city filled to the brim with great vintage, we also found time for a little shopping.

looking at all of these things together makes me realize that I have quite a ways to go before beginning to break my habit!

from top: 50s black taffeta party dress with a whole lotta swag, 50s black rayon blouse with mother-of-pearl button trim, 40s black wool sweater with a sweet white angora collar.

20 March 2010

scenes from sxsw: day three.

03_19_10 4
03_19_10 2
03_19_10 5
03_19_10 8
03_19_10 7

from top: hot dogs and cold beer at frank, rock paper show, the never sleeping booth at flatstock, the xx at la zona rosa, the end of day swirled margarita...

19 March 2010

scenes from sxsw: day two.

03_18_10 1
03_18_10 2
03_18_10 3
03_18_10 4

from top: one of the best insound sxsw posters yet, delorean sound checks, the way adorable bassist from vivian girls (with the most amazing red hair!), the crowd during the liars set...

18 March 2010

scenes from sxsw: day one.

03_17_10 1
03_17_10 2
03_17_10 3
03_17_10 4
03_17_10 5

from top: my favorite place for a quick, delicious lunch, the best ice cream ever (mexican vanilla with fresh strawberries!), gold sparkly chucks at the terrorbird/forcefield showcase, a blooming tree along the way, one of the many stuffed faces in austin...

15 March 2010

one more day.


new photos and listings are put off for one more day as the sun stays hidden.

so instead, some images of my favorite textile patterns from this book on lucienne and robin day.

(thanks to karen for the heads up!)

12 March 2010

playing tag.


my favorite game.

a few new things, a few new tags.

11 March 2010

lost things.

you must watch this sweet little stop motion film by ithyle and angela. it's completely darling!

10 March 2010

black wednesday.


no midweek madness, just a little secret black dress sale happening today only.

10% off all black dresses in the shop, including this, this and this. just leave "lbd" in notes to seller upon checkout for refund.

photo above via my vintage vogue.

09 March 2010

paris, 1950-1958.

03_09_10 1
03_09_10 4
03_09_10 3
03_09_10 2

in honor of paris fashion week, some 1950s couture eye candy!

from top: christian dior f/w 1949-50, hubert de givenchy c.1955, hardy amies c.1950, michael sherard c.1958.

images from this book.

05 March 2010

around the world.


maybe not the most exciting of posts, but important nonetheless: I've decided to take the plunge and start shipping to my international customers via first class airmail.

international shipping rates throughout the shop have been drastically reduced from top to bottom and I'm planning to list a few new, wonderful things this weekend so stay tuned...

ps: a sneak preview above of my one of my favorite spring dresses yet!

04 March 2010

side chair.


I found this photo in a random folder earlier today and am posting it here simply because it makes me happy, as does this chair.

03 March 2010

letter from givenchy.


loving this typewritten letter from hubert de givenchy, dated october, 1971.

from this book.

02 March 2010

a vegetarian sxsw.


I am always in the minority when we're in austin, tx as a vegetarian in a world of bbq, so I was super excited to hear about a vegetable centric dinner event being held during this years sxsw.

sadly, we won't be out in time for the meal on the 14th, but reservations for those who will can be had by emailing info@arazorashinyknife.com.

photo from another recent event (and of course all I see are the words "truffle oil" over and over again...)

01 March 2010

vintage wedding.

03_01_10 1

03_01_10 2

monday isn't usually the happiest day of the week, but this one is a bright spot. firstly, yay march! spring is officially just around the corner.

the other wonderful thing about this particular monday is seeing the love flower dress posted on glamour.com's new wedding blog, save the date!

thanks, j!