26 February 2010

vintage interruption.


I'm going to briefly interrupt the 13bees regularly scheduled programming to ask for your vote!


25 February 2010

albers lps.


mw dug up these lps at an estate sale this past fall and we brought them home because the josef albers designed covers were just so great.

more like these can be viewed here, even though the show has since closed. I'd love to have a wall with the entire series all together.

24 February 2010

english sweets.

I'd put in a somewhat cheeky request last week for a friend in london to pick me up some earl grey at duty free on his way back to new york, having finally run out of my marks + spencer stash from last year.

and instead of sending just tea, this box filled with all sorts of english sweetness arrived at my doorstep this morning, just in time.

such happiness! thank you, p.

(mw, hurry home so I don't eat all of it by myself.)

23 February 2010

the 1930s.

02_23_10 3

02_23_10 1

02_23_10 2

the most elusive dresses seem to hail from this fair decade and the good ones are are few and far between.

I've been holding onto these darling three for a minute, wanting to relish them for a short while before we are forced to part.

look for them soon.

22 February 2010

ballerina pochette.

02_20_10 1

when miu miu sends an email asking me to flip through their newest capsule collection accessories lookbook, I'm probably going to do it.

02_20_10 2

and when they show me photos of their newest, heavily bejeweled, sparkly patent flats and bags, I'm probably going to love them.

19 February 2010

dorothy o'hara.

02_18_10 1

02_18_10 3

some tags are more fun to find inside dresses than others.

a dorothy o'hara tag, though, is sure to get my pulse quickened.

02_18_10 2

02_18_10 4

a contemporary of the 1950s california aristocracy of dress designers like peggy hunt and ceil chapman, she was best known for making the absolute most out of an hourglass shape and tweaking details with an eye for the progressive and avant garde.

the navy dress, though long part of my collection, will be in the shop next week. the black dress at top isn't going anywhere. ever.

18 February 2010

alice in wonderland.

02_17_10 3

so amazingly alice in wonderland, tim burton style.

via thefrillofit on etsy.

17 February 2010

this or that: pheasant feathers.

02_17_10 5

this pretty little silk minidress by milly for $435.

02_17_10 4

or, this sophisticated and one-of-a-kind 60s vintage bird on the wing dress for $98.

16 February 2010

playing tag.


some fun tags from the archives.

15 February 2010

new neutral.


my newest favorite (non-vintage) find: this perfectly muted and shiny pinky grey shade of polish from essie.

13 February 2010

new york fw 2010.


some favorites so far from new york fall 2010.

clockwise from top left: shipley & halmos, rachel comey, vena cava, jason wu.

12 February 2010

faux bois.

02_12_10 2

this dress just deserves its own post. that's all I can say. it has side pockets and the most amazingly shiny scribble faux bois print. and that neckline!

find it here.

and last but not least, happy valentine's day! it's the perfect excuse to pull out that gorgeous vintage dress, don't you think?

dutch kills.


the perfect vintage speakeasy cocktail, courtesy of dutch kills.

11 February 2010

10 February 2010

no words.

02_10_10 1

there are no words for this dress (though stunning, spectacular and freaking amazing all come to mind).

update: after writing this post and mulling for a full five seconds, I bought it.

via thechurchofvintage on etsy.

09 February 2010

this dress.

02_09_10 1
02_09_10 2

this dress encapsulates everything I love most in a dress: bright, modernist print, shelf bust, swingy skirt (not to mention the original belt and metal zipper).

find it in the shop later today now.

08 February 2010

sugar fix.

the best kind of sugar fix: cake.

specifically, a thick slice of vanilla coconut meringue from magnolia.

06 February 2010

warm wool shop update.


02_06_10 4




it's really, really cold out here. and windy.

what better way to dress for this kind of chill than in warm wool?

(and if it's plaid, all the better).

03 February 2010


02_03_10 1
02_03_10 2

isn't payback pretty? this particular type also happens to be exactly my size and comes with the original tags still attached.