31 January 2010

grey days.


I just purchased this rug for the house (after a ton of time spent looking for something dark and minimal, who knew 4x6 rugs were so hard to find?).

I didn't realize until now how very mood appropriate it was for these bleak, grey days of late january and february. what is it about these months? gets me every time.

27 January 2010

scenes from nashville.

01_27_10 2
01_27_10 1
01_27_10 4
01_27_10 3
01_27_10 5

we had a trip that was equal parts vintage, music and food, as maybe all trips should be.

23 January 2010

one last sale.


and because we can't help ourselves, we hit one last estate sale before heading out of town. my newest favorite object was there in the china cabinet, patiently waiting.

it's a bird. no, a bottle opener. no, a bird!

22 January 2010



we are leaving for nashville tomorrow for a long weekend and I'm pretty excited. it's a southern city I have yet to visit and by all accounts, it's also a mecca for amazing vintage.

I have two full days to plot my dress-hunting course while mw's stuck in meetings and I think he's got some music-related surprises up his sleeve for us, too. though, as long as I can find a waffle house, I'm happy.

original photo of the elliston place soda shop jukebox via this flickr stream.

20 January 2010

mid-week shop preview.

01_20_10 5
01_20_10 4
01_20_10 3
01_20_10 1
01_20_10 2

working hard to list a new stash of vintage goodies before the week is through.

stay tuned! (or, even better, subscribe to the 13bees vintage rss feed.)

15 January 2010

boyd's detroit.

01_15_10 1
01_15_10 2
01_15_10 3
01_15_10 4

late 40s pumps in my size. finally mine.

13 January 2010

this or that: february lucky.

I've been reading lucky. magazine since it came out and it remains one of my guiltiest pleasures. in the february issue, I loved seeing just how many pieces in both the front of book shopping pages and the well stories could be interpreted with vintage currently in the shop.

01_13_10 1

so, you can have this lovely rebecca taylor micro floral print jacket (left) for $450, or the 1960s vintage purple noon jacket (right) for $58.

01_13_10 2

this grecian draped cocktail dress by amsale (left) for $260, or the 1950s silk jersey 5th avenue girl dress (right) for $168.

01_13_10 3

this glittery sequin tank dress by spiegel (left) for $169, or the original disco 1970s split second dress (right) for $88.

my choice is pretty obvious...

11 January 2010

etsy picks: garolini.

01_11_10 2

01_11_10 1

01_11_10 5

01_11_10 4

01_11_10 3

there is no brand of vintage heels I love more than the 70s and 80s chic, disco loving brand, garolini.

from top, vintagepetals, 13bees, joules, 13bees, TashVintage.

08 January 2010

a breath of spring.

01_08_10 1
01_08_10 2
01_08_10 3

after a morning of unexpected snow, a few new warmer weather dresses in the shop.

(I couldn't wait.)

from top, beauty for the asking dress, sitting pretty dress, pursuit dress.

07 January 2010

margiela flats.

01_07_10 1
01_07_10 2
01_07_10 3

unbelievably cool cutout flats from martin margiela.

05 January 2010

the scarf.

01_05_10 1
01_05_10 2
01_05_10 3
01_05_10 4
01_05_10 5
01_05_10 6

in honor of the blustering, blistering cold weather, I bring you the knitted and crocheted, wool and acrylic, striped, mottled and ombre vintage scarf.

04 January 2010



a slow start to the new decade: we're still dreaming of lazy mornings at the country house in the woods and those dreams look something like this.

photo via the flickr stream of --alex--.