24 October 2009

mini break.


er, or actually...full on vacation. 13bees is fleeing the country for warmer climates (and margaritas on the beach). we'll see you next week!

(the shop is still open and shipping will resume on 11/2).

23 October 2009

all black.

10_23_09 2
10_23_09 1

some may call black boring, I'll call it classic and fail safe. so, here's another all black shop update with pieces that will always find their way into your wardrobe rotation.



I like my glitter in moderation and no one does business meets glitz better than prada.

note to mw: it's expensive, I know. I will also happily accept this.

22 October 2009



some gorgeous images by anna wolf for untitled magazine.

21 October 2009

alvar aalto.


I've always sort of wanted one of these funny little iittala vases, but darned if I was going to shell out a hundred dollars for one. enter my favorite thrift store: $6. score.

16 October 2009

ebay finds: bonwit tweed.


having a love affair with the amazingness that is this 40s bonwit teller wool tweed suit.

14 October 2009

yellow raincoat.


just checked the weather and it seems like we've got a full weekend of rain ahead of us. it made me remember that I have had a yellow rain slicker on my "want" list for so long that it's actually turning into a need. ever since losing (losing! it literally just suddenly ceased to exist!) my last rain jacket, I've never been able to find anything half as good.

now, I'm making due with a thrifted pullover until I happen upon the illusive yellow waterproof zip up. I have a feeling I'm going to be waiting a while.

(photo via the flickr stream of chantel baggley)

13 October 2009

white out.


I've been in a winter neutrals mood lately, gravitating toward light and creamy white pieces. all of these and more newly listed in the shop.

12 October 2009

objects of obsession.


a girl can have her dresses and a boy can have his....turntable.

10 October 2009

etsy picks: randomness

10_10_09 10

10_10_09 9

10_10_09 2

10_10_09 1

10_10_09 7

10_10_09 5

10_10_09 3

10_10_09 4

I've been shopping more than ever on etsy lately due to this autumn buying fever that crops up out of nowhere around this time each year. and even giving up all the fashion books does nothing to squelch it.

there's no real theme going here (except maybe the season), just randomness. but all listed in my favorites.

09 October 2009

autumn color.

10_09_09 1
10_09_09 3
10_09_09 4
10_09_09 2

it has certainly turned into fall around these parts...

07 October 2009

etsy picks: ozetta.

10_07_09 1
10_07_09 2

I want to own every single thing from this amazing etsy shop. in every single color. (maybe this is a clue that I need to finally learn how to crochet?)

06 October 2009

new boots.

I've been trying very hard not to shop retail, but since finding any great shoes in my size at the thrift is nearly impossible, I succumbed to the neutral, sandy suede goodness of these riding boots. they are in the mail. fingers crossed.

04 October 2009

on the horizon.

so it was a pretty darn exciting week over here at 13bees. one of my best friends gave birth to a baby girl (and named her edie, which is just about the sweetest name there is), I hit an early morning estate sale with the lovely and sharp-elbowed greedy seagull, had dinner with joanna and her lovely husband alex, where we ate delicious french food in an old east village haunt, went to the overwhelmingly amazing new york art book fair down the street at ps1 and last, but certainly not least, was asked to be a bridesmaid in another dear friend's july wedding.

I'm fairly sure I won't be able to top this past week, so I won't try. but I do have some sweet fall shop updates in store for the next coming days and a few goooorrrgeous dresses I've been saving on the horizon.

photo of the 1958 rosevelt raceway via myvintagevogue.

02 October 2009

just added.

10_02_09 3
...to the fall wishlist of my dreams: these alvin nita lustig designed modernist brooches to wear near the shoulder of a simple, long sleeved dress. only good things happen when print designers modernist designers and architects take on fine jewelry (think frank gehry for tiffany & co). just amazing.

the colors of fall.

10_02_09 2

when the october weather finally turns chilly (like it all of a sudden has around here), there's nothing I like more than to come in from the brisk outside and curl up with a glass of red wine by the fireplace.

short of that, I'll look to a fuzzy turtleneck sweater or (for going out) a cropped little jacket to hold onto the warmth. also, paired with a sweet wool skirt in an autumnal shade of green, it's an outfit that has legs.

all new in the shop.

01 October 2009

personal manifesto.

I have old fashioned proverbs like waste not want not and don't put all your eggs in one basket always blinking away somewhere in the back of my brain. I don't know exactly where they came from but don't mind them: they remind me to live more simply, smartly and unassumingly.

the snippets on this print are a sweet and modern spin on the classic phrases. and they are still important to remember.

by mark pavey and found via mustard and sage.