31 August 2009

the skirt.

08_31_09 2

I have a thing about prints. I don't wear them very much, and when I do, they really have to be something special. when I find that something special, I usually scoop it up without looking back. not the case with this particular skirt.

while mw and I were up in VT last month, we took a short road trip to burlington and popped into one of the vintage stores in town. I saw a skirt hanging on the rack and made a path straight toward it to discover the most wonderful blip blip/bird on a wire/electrical current print I'd ever seen. it was bright vermilion and lime, kind of an amazing combination. so, this skirt was fairly expensive and I also had my eye on this amazing, micro pleated white l'aiglon cocktail dress from the 50s. I spent way more time than is normal hemming and hawing over whether or not to bring the skirt home. I ultimately decide in favor of frugality and put it back on the rack.

clearly a misstep. I spend the next month thinking about that one particular skirt at least once a day and searching all over for anything remotely similar with no luck.

by now, you probably know how this story ultimately ends. I called the store, found that the skirt was still there and handed over my credit card info over the phone. three days later via ups ground the skirt had finally arrived at my doorstep. and I was out another $15 for shipping.

30 August 2009



mw and I went to a wedding yesterday where I finally got to wear this on top of my head all night! I had to take it off for dancing, but it was too funny to walk by a mirror and be surprised by my reflection and this 3-d flowery frill! (also, it's a great way to make new friends...)

28 August 2009

bright and early.

I am up bright and early this morning getting ready to hop in the car and head out on one of our last summer vintage adventures. I will be back early next week with some of my finds...

life magazine photo via ffffound.

26 August 2009

hunter clogs.

08_26_09 1
08_26_09 2
08_26_09 3

I am a big fan of both shoes that are completely ridiculous and shoes that are purely utilitarian. case in point: I just happened upon these this morning and now am dead set on getting a pair for fall. in yellow, I think! now, I just need to finally find the perfect yellow rain slicker to match.

25 August 2009


08_25_09 1
08_25_09 2
08_25_09 3

what is it about the 1930s that makes it such an illusive and mysterious decade? the clothes are harder to come across than even the decades before and the fashion was, well, with the exception of those feedsack dresses, pretty darn avant garde.

I made mw suffer through the awful truth this past weekend (cary grant: I get it now), but even I could hardly focus on the dialogue because of all the fantastic ensembles irene dunn wore flitting back and forth across the screen. in the first scene she is wearing this insane white fur with shoulders that peak toward the sky. such extremity. and almost every other dress is capped off with a little cropped jacket.

well, all of this is to say that I've been thinking so much about this era and loving it more and more. and since our economy these days seems fitting to about 1937, maybe it's not so much of a coincidence after all.

(check out the 1920s and 1930s pieces listed today in the shop!)

24 August 2009

the best.


I am listing the best late 1950s silk and wool dress and jacket set in the shop this afternoon. I mean, the best.

23 August 2009

on/off the record.

mw and I are heading out in a few minutes to hang out with some new friends and watch two short documentaries on glenn gould. he's widely known for being a bit of an eccentric, hypochondriac and musical genius who hummed loudly along with the music he was playing while recording, travelled around the world with his own piano tuner and fixated on a certain concert steinway known as CD 318.

I'm fairly certain that mr. gould and I don't have very much in common other than our love for the piano, though I owe him for introducing me bach's english suites and always pushing me to practice harder. I'm very excited to finally see these films.

hopefully you'll watch the short clip above and be as awestruck as I am every time I hear him play, even if you aren't familiar with the piano. what he can do with his hands is just not normal!

22 August 2009

ten things.

08_22_09 2

lots of sentences beginning with the letter "I"...thanks to karen of small earth vintage for the push forward into self disclosure!

1. I am left handed. not sure exactly how this has changed the course of things, but it's always been a big part of my self-perception. see? it's the first thing I'm listing here.

2. I am married to the love of my life, who also happens to be my favorite human on the planet and the smartest person I know. he's good to have around.

3. I was vegan/sxe in high school and halfway into college, which is ironic considering the two biggest pleasures in my life these days are a good hunk of stinky, artisanal cheese along with a nice big glass of wine.

4. the name 13bees comes from a helium song, off an early ep on matador records.

5. I have been reasonably obsessed with miu miu since the black and white images of audrey marnay and angela lindvall appeared in the earliest ads. it's the one label I would wear head to toe with no apologies if I could. the store gives me goosebumps! we are lucky to have two of them here in new york city and I try to stay away as much as possible to avoid temptation and heartache.

6. I almost went to school for photography, but thought I'd miss the liberal arts education and writing all those papers (whhhaaa?). I ended up going to barnard for english lit instead, but still love to take my camera with me everywhere I go.

7. we have a darling eloise (weezie) wishnow, our tiny grey and white tzu, who rules the roost.

8. I started thrifting and collecting vintage in middle school and when I think about the things I took a scissor to back in the day, it makes me want to cringe.

9. I worked in fashion for about ten years before starting 13bees. I had a pretty cool job that involved hanging up on anna wintour's office, putting dresses on the backs of elephants to get them to shoots on safari in africa and regularly sneaking things back and forth through customs without proper cities documentation at the risk of incarceration. I'm just kidding about anna, btw. her assistants were always super nice.

10. today is my dad's 60th birthday. happy birthday, pops!

I'm tagging lauren, even though I'm sure she's done one of these a million times. I was never that great with keeping up chains of things, so she will probably be my only tag!

image via myvintagevogue.

21 August 2009

ebay finds: black rhinestones.


also on my fall wish list, a little fancier this time: vintage black rhinestone jewelry. specifically, a starburst brooch to pin a cardigan closed.

clockwise from top left via *****vintageandsuch, paparon1960 and rpsgems

20 August 2009

the little black dress brigade.

08_20_09 2
08_20_09 5
08_20_09 3
08_20_09 4

there is no more foolproof and flattering way to dress for almost any special occasion (and look like a million bucks while you're at it) than to put on a little black dress.

and there is no better place to turn to than vintage for amazingly endless variations on that perfect little black dress.

all to be listed this evening in the shop.

19 August 2009


I could hardly believe that a tomato of this kind of marbled gorgeousness existed somewhere outside a food still life in bon appetit. I just about shoved the whole darn thing in my mouth at once (salted first, of course).

fall begins.

08_19_09 2
08_19_09 1
at 13bees.

a few summer to fall transitional pieces newly listed in the shop...

18 August 2009

fall wish list.


on my fall wish list: this goes-with-everything mustard merino cardi from jcrew. (oh, and also a new pair of white canvas converse all stars).

17 August 2009

out to lunch.


this might be as close as I ever get to posting a how-I-wore-it kind of photo on 13bees, since I am not quite brave enough to go there yet and lots of other girls just do it so well already.

but since I finally had an excuse to dress up (and as soon as I got home and stripped back down to a cotton sundress) I popped my former outfit onto the dressform to see what I'd looked like a few minutes earlier from a different perspective.

well, I am happy to see that my new (old) blouse looks slightly less droopy on an actual body. the cream leather belt was thrifted just this past weekend and is my new favorite thing. and finally, it is officially confirmed that a belted, high waisted 40s skirt is indeed a guarantee that one will not be able to eat too much at lunch.

blouse: brooklyn flea
skirt: vintage 40s, ebay
necklace: gold wwII fighter plane charm, ebay
belt: thrifted

16 August 2009

august peaches.

that's all.

14 August 2009

two things.

08_14_09 1

08_14_09 2

the first: I went on a listing bender and there are a bunch of lovely new things in the shop this week.

the second: I'm sure that many of you are already longtime fans, but I've been ogling the images posted recently on my vintage vogue. not only are they a feast for the eyes, but they're also an education in silhouette and styling for those of us who love mid-century fashion.

the photos above are all swimsuit-centric because I am still not ready to say goodbye to summer.

have a lovely weekend!

13 August 2009

alvin lustig.

08_13_09 1
08_13_09 2
08_13_09 3
08_13_09 4
08_13_09 5
I am consistently inspired and entranced by the smart and subtle mid-century book jacket designs of alvin lustig. some of my favorite covers are above. what a dream to have the whole collection.

12 August 2009

summer picnic.

well, a cheese and wine picnic under a shady tree in central park to be exact, late last week before the new york city sun turned brutal.

our stash of four different 1/4lb bits from murray's on bleecker was expertly curated by the man behind the counter and is above in various stages of undress. with a fresh baguette, green apple slices and fig jam, I could happily eat like this every single day. (thanks jb! and mw, don't screw your face up like that.)

11 August 2009

13bees on deargolden.


if you're an etsy vintage shopper, chances are you've purchased something from lauren at dear golden vintage. she's always got an overwhelming number of chic, one-of-a-kind pieces that can be worked seamlessly into a modern wardrobe, ensuring the "where did you get that?!" response that comes with wearing great vintage. she also happens to have this amazing 50s sailboat dress in her shop right now that I'm freaking out over a bit (see the photos above - isn't it brilliant?).

anyway, she wrote a sweet little post yesterday about some of the dresses at 13bees (you can read it here), and I was so excited to kick off the week on such a good note.

so thank you, lauren, and thanks to anyone who found 13bees vintage via her post and maybe even clicked through enough links to find me here!

10 August 2009

fall preview.

08_10_09 1
08_10_09 3
08_10_09 2
08_10_09 4
I'm not even a little bit ready to say goodbye to summer, even if it is 90 degrees outside today. I don't know why exactly, but this is the first time I'm not looking forward to the tweeds and wools that will eventually replace my cottons and crepes.

but since the fashion books start shooting the fall collections for june issues (which, if you think about it, hit newstands in may when most of us are just gearing up for spring, yikes!) I'd thought it'd be fun to have a little preview of what's to come shortly in the shop for fall.

09 August 2009

weekend score: prints

I am pretty picky about my prints, but have been trying to work them into my wardrobe wherever I can. here are a few sweet printed finds from this weekend's flea and estate trips:

08_09_09 collage 1

there's something magical about the prints specifically from the 30s and 40s - they've always got a bit of whimsy in them and are rarely overwrought. the floral pattern on this turquoise and black sheer silk cropped 40s blouse looks abstract and classic all at once.

08_09_09 collage 2

blooming bursts of pretty fuschia and pink tea roses cover this rayon 30s dress. what you can't really see in the photo (and what makes the dress really special) is the amazing asymmetric ruffle at the left shoulder. I love a subtle tweak!

08_09_09 collage 3

and finally, a classic pink-on-navy late 30s polka dot print blouse that looks a little forlorn in the photo. a lot of sweet in this little rayon top.

we had plans to sit by the pool this afternoon and enjoy the sunshine, but since there's not too much sun to be had, we're heading to the movies instead!

08 August 2009

schoolhouse chic.

08_08_09 1

08_08_09 2

08_08_09 3

08_08_09 4

I love every single thing about this weekend home on the south fork of long island.

all photos by eric striffler for the new york times.

07 August 2009

something blue.

08_07_09 2

joanna posted this week on smitten about a bride who got married in a handmade blue dress.

it reminded me of this darling vintage sky colored 40s gown in the shop. I think it would make an incredible option for a girl who was thinking about wearing a not-white dress to walk down the aisle.

isn't that the best thing about weddings these days? they're yours to do with whatever you please whether it's a blue dress, boys as bridesmaids or forgetting about the cake entirely (we served chocolate bread pudding).

all new....


all newly listed in the shop this week.

06 August 2009

on your feet.

08_06_09 1

08_06_09 2

I recently checked out caroline cox's new book, vintage shoes, from the library and have been flipping through it for the past couple of weeks.

my vintage shoe collection is virtually non existent, since the pragmatist in me would never buy something I couldn't wear. but I did pull out a few pairs of pumps in my closet that paired well with my favorite pages in the book. the peep-toe dominated 1940s are above.

08_06_09 3
08_06_09 4

the stiletto'ed 1950s followed. enlarge the book photo if you can to have a closer look at the inset pic on the top of the left page. that needle heel is insane! mine have chic mesh inserts at the vamp and are actually pretty comfortable.

08_06_09 5

08_06_09 6

I have always loved roger vivier and would no doubt own more of the reissued styles if they weren't $900 a pop. while most of the new designs seem to embrace the buckle as their calling card, many of his early pairs went without. he was the master of the thoughtful, avant guard shoe and still is a tough act to follow for modern masters like manolo and christian.