31 July 2009

if only.

07_31_09 collage

the pockets were endlessly deep. some of the gorgeous images from the miu miu f/w 09/10 campaign, shot in london last spring by mert + marcus.

30 July 2009

new vintage.

07_30_09 1

07_30_09 2

07_30_09 3

I'm loving the photos from yesterday's new york times article about the "new vintage" movement. it's awesome that so many more people are starting to find new beauty and value in old things.

29 July 2009


07_29_09 collage 1

I went on a serious pierre cardin bender back in college. at some point, I discovered that seductive, curved cardin logo that covered these amazing tapestry bags, silk scarves and sweaters. at the time, it felt like I was the only one collecting it (maybe I was) and there was a lot to choose from. the later stuff from the 70s was pretty easy to find.

07_29_09 collage 2

but what cardin did best had nothing to do with his logo. It's been so long that I don't remember where I found this early coat. I know that I was in school with no income but for selling some vintage here and there on ebay, and wouldn't have been able to pay more than a hundred dollars for it. I have no idea if it's worth much now, but it's one of those pieces that has value in the heft of the wool, the amazing zig-zag pattern, the bright pink matte lining and the way it falls over your shoulders. this particular coat came from cardin's "jeunesse" collection, a lined aimed at the younger set. it dates from the early 60s.

I have no idea what would pop up by plugging in "vintage cardin" into a search these days (well, that's a bit of a fib - I just did and this little beauty ends tomorrow) but finding this coat buried deep in the closet this morning reminded me not only how much I love cardin's early aesthetic but that I should start reaching for this bright and bold piece more once the weather turns chilly again.

(in the meantime, I got to poking around different sites and found more fun space age cardin photos here.)

28 July 2009

vermont vintage dreams.

07_28_09 collage 1

while up in the woods a couple weeks back, mw and I traveled around in search of any estate or moving sales that looked promising. there is so much antiquing up there - from those huge, grist mill malls with fifty different vendors to the small mom-and-pop-out-of-the-barn-in-the-backyard operations. we don't discriminate, as there's almost nothing I like more than poking around old stuff, even if it isn't anything we have room for.

that's how it usually goes down. lots of looking, not so much buying.

this trip was a little different, though. as we pulled up to this barn sale, I had a good, tingly feeling. it didn't hurt that I could see a rack of dresses peeking out from the door. well, needless to say, I bought them all for the shop...and last I counted, there were about sixty gorgeous dresses from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. they sat untouched in an attic and all have the original belts, which is the icing on the cake. so far, I have managed to only put aside three to keep. three! but I will still make a good, serious attempt to stick to my resolutions and switch them out. eventually.

I've already started to steam and photograph the most lightweight of the bunch, so stay tuned for some warm-weather dresses to start popping up in the shop soon (some already have). my goal is to post a handful of things every day for a month.

it feels like summer has finally begun!

27 July 2009

sweet weekend.

ah, billy's.

you are as good for breakfast the next morning as you were for dessert the night before.

24 July 2009

vintage inspiration: shoes

to remain a purist about pairing all your vintage dresses with shoes from the same era when you're a size ten is asking for disappointment and heartbreak at every turn. it doesn't stop me from searching etsy incessantly or asking the dealers I meet to be on the lookout for those perfect 40s ankle strap platforms. I've picked up a random pair that fit here and there in the past, but the shoes I turn to when wearing my favorite vintage dresses are usually modern.

mixing new-with-old can definitely breathe new life into pieces from sixty or seventy years ago and let's admit it: the modern interpretations are always slightly tweaked for a larger and wider american foot, heel shapes and vamps cut just slightly sexier than they were before. all of those things are especially nice for us girls with extra long insoles.

07_24_09 1

I got married in these lovely block heel miu miu sandals and had to have them dyed from cream to black since they were so stained with grass and mud (get married in an unmowed field in vermont, don't expect your shoes to survive!). I like them with my 60s and 70s mini dresses and they'd be so perfect with this or this.

07_24_09 3

I picked these up while shopping on my lunch break at bergdorf a few years ago when I still worked on fifth ave. who was I then? I don't remember, but I am still head over heels in love with these round toe chie mihara pumps and wear them relentlessly with anything 40s or 50s, like this and this.

07_24_09 2

and these, I literally had dreams about at night when I first saw them and wasn't quite sure I'd be able to go on living without them. that thought was just about as rational as this prada heel is for walking, but that's fine with me and my 40s and 50s belted cocktail dresses. I'd wear them with this or this.

23 July 2009

so clever.

07_23_09 4

soundscreen design / ReFrame.

via dwell.

vintage engagement.


this would make the most stunning engagement ring for a deco bride and would pair perfectly with this (pics via etsy seller laurenrosedesign).

22 July 2009

julius shulman.

07_22_09 js5
07_22_09 js4

07_22_09 js3
07_22_09 js1
07_22_09 js2

“The reason why this architecture photographs so beautifully is the environmental consideration exercised by the architects,” Shulman says. “It was the sense that here we have beautiful canyons, hillsides, views of the ocean. Everyone loves these photographs because the houses are environmentally involved, and this was before the emphasis on what everyone is calling green.”

more dresses.

07_22_09 collage 1
07_22_09 collage 2

we're on a roll over here, throwing in a sweetly embroidered muslin blouse and an adorable pair of grey 50s cateyes for good measure.

and there's so much more to come. what I haven't told you yet about our trip is that we happened to unearth an amazing stash of vintage dresses from a northeast kingdom barn-slash-estate sale last week in vermont. more on that, soon (once I decide what I'm keeping for myself!).

21 July 2009

odds costume shop.

07_21_09 5

while I am still lamenting that we were out of town during the last days of the odds costume shop's closing sale, I'm anxious and excited to see what the nyc etsy'ers have surfaced with.

especially looking forward to the finds of one of my favorite vintage shops, thegreedyseagull.

new today.

07_21_09 1
07_21_09 2

07_21_09 3
07_21_09 4

some new additions to the shop coming later this afternoon.

20 July 2009

a dress for a dress: blue gingham.

I've tried to follow good advice (often without success) and implement a switch out method to my buying and collecting habits. you know...in the "interest" of not accumulating too much while still allowing myself that buzzy feeling of something new every once in awhile.

it's tough - especially since my instinct is to keep everything. I've got to keep the shop stocked with pretty things though, so my priorities prevail. ugh, sacrifice (wink).

this week's switch out:

07_20_09 1

I could not resist this leaf green linen dress set, especially with the original belt and the inverted origami detail. I bought it for the shop, but it fit so perfectly...and...well...right.

07_20_09 2

and since I haven't pulled out this sweet navy gingham frock in quite some time, I figured that it'd be perfect for someone's summer bike riding and lazing in the grass. hopefully, some lucky girl will agree.

19 July 2009

home again.

07_19_09 7
07_19_09 10
07_19_09 8
07_19_09 2
07_19_09 3
07_19_09 4
07_19_09 1
07_19_09 9
07_19_09 5

so, over the course of the week we: sat by the campfire on two different nights, developed daily cravings for creemee twists, saw the potts (loved!), cheated at golf, read a half dozen true crime and mystery novels, had the most insanely delicious meal, ate sliced and salted summer tomatoes with constant bliss, got caught in a few sudden vermont downpours, finally found switchback (what took me so long?), estate sale hopped, attended a gershwin revue in the most beautiful barn and didn't end up seeing any bears in the backyard (though I was prepared).

being back in new york is a bit of a shock to the system but we're easing our way into the work week with a few grown-up arnie palmers and a bit of barbecue before sunday ends and officially draws our week in the woods to a close.

11 July 2009

and we're off.


the car's all packed and we're just about ready to leave new york behind for the week. definitely looking forward to seeing the above scene from the car window in a few short hours. hello, vt.

photo via DF9999's flickr photostream.

10 July 2009

in the mail.

I had the pleasure of two parcels arriving at my doorstep yesterday afternoon, just in time to pack for our week-long stay in the woods of northern vermont.

so, what do you do when you open a box to reveal this inside?


you take a photo of it, of course! it was almost too sweet to open, but I was dying to see what waited underneath.

07_10_09 collage 1

the most lovely shade of green (my favorite color) with two of the biggest buttons I've ever seen on a dress. and not to mention that neckline! it's the perfect thing to wear while sitting by the campfire at lareau farm, enjoying the sunset as we wait for our table at flatbread. it's a bit wide all around, but it'll leave me some breathing room for an extra slice (or three). many thanks to thirteeneightyfive for this darling addition to my closet.

07_10_09 collage 2

the second (from much less extraordinary packaging means, but with just as wonderful contents) was this vintage 30s rayon day dress with topstitched smocking, pleated sleeves and cerulean and black pansies. I'm pretty picky about my prints if I'm going to wear them, and this one is just right.

hopefully, we'll be able to locate some wifi access while we're so remote so I am able to check in next week with a few new vintage finds for the shop and some photos of my favorite place in the world.

09 July 2009

a place in the clouds.


there are too many things right with this photo. though I could not quite imagine living in this sort of white abyss, the dog and the bernar venet I'll gladly make fit.

photo via architectural digest, july 09.

the brooklyn flea on style.com.

you have to love vogue for finally admitting that brooklyn exists, but does it defeat the purpose of covering the brooklyn/nyc flea scene when all the girls featured found their vintage frocks in rome and the marais?

08 July 2009

start at the top.

07_08_09 collage 1

07_08_09 collage 2

there are so many things about the styles of fifty and sixty years ago that I wish would make a serious comeback. not least of which are all of the whimsical headpieces that a woman could not leave the house without. it's funny that I dream of more complicated times, considering my usual hair repertoire consists of a ponytail and bangs. but I'd seriously consider that one extra step to make my outfit complete (unlike said elastic band) in the morning if it meant that I could walk around in these sorts of things every day.

06 July 2009



oh. wow. why are the days following vacation always the busiest? I am working hard on getting some updates posted to the shop this evening before dinner. especially as I survey the surface area surrounding me (sorry, mw) and find that there's certainly no shortage of wonderful vintage clothes and shoes to be had.

check back in a bit!

05 July 2009

sunday morning.

a few of the things I saw early this morning around the house and in the garden.