31 May 2009

ebay finds: 40s 'dress shop' dress.

good were the days where each little local shop had their own label to sew into the collars of the dresses they sold. gosh, I just can't get enough of these tags. find it here.

29 May 2009


13bees has been undergoing a very behind the scenes reinvention over the past few months and I'm so excited that we're so close to being finished. here's a sneak peek of a small part of the new logo. we are set to launch within the next few weeks...

28 May 2009


these and more soon to come in the shop as mw continues to remind me that I cannot keep everything for myself....

27 May 2009

cascading petals.

obsessed. and so perfect with vintage summer dresses.

26 May 2009

vintage shopping: the holy grail.

I think as vintage shoppers and long time thrifters, there's definitely a short-list of those things we're always on the lookout for. ebay changed that for so many of us when it arrived as collectors of all kinds were able to finally complete their collections or add to it in ways never before possible.

my first encounter with ebay was when I was still in school and desperately longing for a pair of silver vintage 50s cateyes. I'd found a bunch at this little high end optical shop in the east 80s, but they were all deadstock and priced into the hundreds which was (and still is, I suppose) an insane price for vintage frames. I don't remember exactly how, but I'd stumbled upon ebay and the entire category devoted to vintage accessories. If heaven was present on the internet, I'd found it.

these days, my wish list feels short but specific: the perfect navy rayon 40s dress with all the pintucking details I love that isn't three sizes too big in the bust, black suede peep toe maryjanes from about the same era in an elusive size 10 (though I'd take them in any shade, really).

I've already completed my collection of 50s and early 60s wool coats in every color of the rainbow (though they are long sold, I've still got all the skirts I'd grab along with them) and I'm still building what feels like a collection of black faille pieces in my closet because I can't say no when I come across them. vintage collecting is fun because it's a type of collecting that isn't just for the sake of itself, doesn't need a special display shelf or too much regular dusting. it's always been a practical endeavor with added value: you've got to get dressed, so why not do it well?

22 May 2009


I thought it would be fun to have a little sale in the shop in honor of memorial day and the long holiday weekend. so, now through monday enjoy 15% off everything in the shop plus free domestic shipping on any order $150+.

21 May 2009

dive in.

it's swim season again and my love affair with the one piece continues into 2009. and although I love the idea of a vintage swimsuit in theory (the ruching, straight cut legs, metal zippers!) I tend to stay away from those sort of, well, intimates that have had a life before they got to me.

if there's anywhere color should be had it's at the beach and there's nothing chicer than a strapless bandeau tank. put those two things together and I clearly end up at jcrew.

trying to decide between this, this and this. thoughts?

update: I got the suit on the far left in bright cypress and the suit in the middle in brilliant navy. they're divine, come with optional halter straps and both are mw approved.


last night, we had two of our dearest friends over to celebrate their engagement with a chilled bottle of prosecco followed by a late reservation at our favorite tiny mexican place in the neighborhood.

when we got there, I was instead treated to twenty of our closest friends and a chorus of happy birthday sung loudly as I stood there totally in shock. nice one, mw! you totally, totally got me.

everyone came over afterwards for champagne and cupcakes. the glasses (some still half full) are still all over the table as a nice reminder of how much we drank. however, I am now enjoying the largest, most caffeinated iced coffee I could buy.

birthday week-and-a-half continues tonight as we're off to the apollo theater to see will oldham. I've been listening to I see a darkness pretty much on repeat for the last two days. it's the perfect quiet and wistfully, gorgeously sad album which is exactly how I like my hot weather soundtracks. (photo via cwalker71's flickr photostream).

20 May 2009

etsy picks: 40s shoes.

who reading this is a size 8? go immediately here to buy these. they're amazing!

or, if you're lucky enough to be a size 7, make me unbelievably jealous and get these. (pics via etsy seller lameowvintage).

19 May 2009

brimfield update.

oh. my. goodness. well, if this says anything, I started hyperventilating about 20 miles south of brimfield because I just couldn't wait. luckily, mw was at the wheel so I was not a threat to other drivers.

it was amazing.

and apart from the fact that I shopped and shopped and shopped for the shop, it was just so amazing to see so many people there collecting and admiring and learning about what they were looking at. I found an antique poison bottle for my aunt and happened upon a handful of real leopard pieces, but nothing unfortunately that was totally in tact. supposedly, older cartier is unmarked and quite difficult to find. sorry, b!

the best things were what we weren't looking for. the enormous antique glass apothecary jar, the twenty-dollar-ten-minutes-before-we-left chair that needs a bit of work but has really, really great lines.

oh and the dresses. here's a sneak peek. this doesn't yet include the 80% I'm right now keeping for myself. that will change when it all won't fit in my closet.

14 May 2009

brimfield show.

mw and I are off early tomorrow to sneak through the last two days of america's largest flea. it's our first time making the trip and we planned to show up at the tail end purposely to avoid whatever craziness there may have been at the start. we're looking at it as our introduction 101 class so that hopefully we can be better prepared to navigate the show in september (ps, mw: if it's good, we're going back).

I am trying to spend the morning compiling tips and tricks from former fair-goers, but I'm still feeling pretty overwhelmed by the sheer surface area of booths I want to hit. friends and family are busily sending wish lists which run the gamut from antique poison bottles and real (read: illegal) vintage leopard coats to cartier fine jewelry. I am happy to oblige, but am mostly looking for the 40s and 50s frocks for my own closet and the shop. mw is secretly bristling with the idea that he's going to find a cees braakman for $50. no expectations, though, of course.

we are already thrilled about the thick cut french fries, hot dog stands, kettle corn and thanksgiving sandwiches that are rumored to be everywhere, so no matter what happens, we will eat well.

updates (hopefully good) and pics to follow!

10 May 2009

good evening.

there are many things I turn to vintage for first, but evening bags have got to be at the top of the list. a few great examples found on ebay this morning....(photo credits clockwise from top left via ebay sellers: ojatir, zcdz, begooddogs, gypsymarcu, aren, flashback56).

02 May 2009


I know that the feather headband craze has hit hard, especially for those of us who love vintage. I totally get it. they're adorable.

but I think the majority of the pieces out there are relatively understated, which is understandable considering that they're meant to be worn without attracting too many curious stares.

however, I am still hoping that eventually the more whimsical and daring pieces make a comeback for formal (and maybe not so formal) occasions. mw bought me a pretty substantial sinamay fascinator last week when we stopped into a little millinery shop on west bow and got swept up in the moment. it seemed perfectly logical then, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have the guts to wear it by the time the next event comes along.

so while I'm still feeling brave, I am trying to decide which one (or two) of these I'm getting to add to my collection. they come in a million different lovely color combinations and the options seem endless. (all photos via ebay seller laura*cutler*millinery)

01 May 2009

community supported.

we definitely don't eat organic as much as we should, so I am super excited to have joined our local organic csa this week. we pick up our inaugural box of veggies on the first wednesday in june! (image via goldenearthworm's flickr stream).