30 April 2009

back from the uk!

I have been horribly remiss in posting while planning our trip and actually taking it. and there was so much vintage shopping to be had in east london and even in central edinburgh! I am back with the resolve to post more regularly and turn these postings into something I'd actually want to read.

that will come soon after I finish unpacking all my finds and catching up with orders from the shop.

15 April 2009

flatstock 2009.

I'm a little late in posting these, but wanted to share some of the amazing art we saw at flatstock last month during sxsw. not to mention the awesomely tongue-in-cheek official poster printed with bbq sauce and gouache. yes, really.

10 April 2009

black velvet cupcakes.

loving this black velvet cupcake dress I've just listed. almost good enough to eat...

06 April 2009

new addition.

to the 13bees family. welcome.

05 April 2009

passed out.

a long day starting with two jakes, continuing with de mole and ending in ps1, the family haz tiredz.

04 April 2009

the snarl.

oh, there it is! thanks, weeze. I do wonder what it might be like to go through life with this look inadvertently on your face, just because occasionally your lips get stuck under your teeth.

02 April 2009

billy haines dining table.


I love happening upon a new name in mid century furniture design, even though it's usually one I should've already known. either way, the owner of this table bought it, custom built for the space, for a song when he moved into his mcm house in texas. it's like the best possible furniture karma ever.

01 April 2009

welcome home: putney house, vermont

mw forwarded this link to me yesterday. a girl can dream...