31 March 2009

50s ruffled party dress.

a close up photo of a party dress I am listing this morning. obsessed!

chocolate marshmallow mice.

given as parting favors at a wedding this weekend. marshmallows and almonds inside. yum.

27 March 2009

welcome weather.

it's one of the very first amazing spring days here in new york city! I'm off shortly to have lunch with an old friend at co. and spend some time walking around enjoying the beautiful weather. finally!

26 March 2009

oh when, oh when.

will amazon ship my new lens? getting a bit antsy!

24 March 2009

etsy store update.

some new (vintage) springtime additions to the 13bees store.

23 March 2009

amanset: sxsw 2009

we stood and watched the american analog set play the golden band from start to finish at the insound party a few days ago. back from austin with a sunburn. wish it felt like spring in new york.

17 March 2009

favorite ebay search: faille

searching this word in the vintage category (of course) usually pops up some really wonderful things. it's like an insta-filter. (photo via ebay seller catspajamasvintage).

14 March 2009

ebay finds: the 70s does the 40s.

I'm forever making attempts to get out of the everything-always-black rut, and these vintage 70s-does-the-40s peep toe heels fit the bill in all of their chocolate brown loveliness. funny, they also happen to be my size... (photos via ebay seller: richtigvintage)

10 March 2009

ebay finds: 50s basketweave dress.

demure and still interesting. love the front, love the back. a stunner. zac posen...oscar? nope, vintage 1950s.... (photo via ebay seller: 2tryhard)

07 March 2009

ebay finds: vintage ed robinson evening bag.

the stuffy black cocktail bag ceeeeertainly has its place. but occasionally, something like this will pop up and make me rethink taking the totally safe route with evening. could be vintage, could be fendi runway a/i '10. (photo via ebay seller: mothersleftovers)

05 March 2009

andy dixon.

mw and I are very lucky to have such beautiful things to look at everyday. thanks, andy.

04 March 2009

ebay finds: 1950s emerald silk cocktail dress.

so this dress encapsulates all the reasons why vintage is so close to my heart.

let's just start with the fabric: you couldn't walk into mood and buy this much silk off the bolt for this price, let alone have it already fashioned into this fabulous garment.

second: the color. you're just not going to find this deep emerald green silk anywhere on the neutral heavy racks at bloomingdale's when it's not holiday party time. and this green deserves to be worn year round.

third: the bones. those seams. that draping. the only thing missing is a close up photo of the metal zipper...
(photos via ebay seller: minkarcade)

etsy picks: braille ring.

I love subtle things, secret things that aren't always obvious. these rings are inlaid with tiny bits of sterling that spell out braille letters of your choosing, so only you know what it reads. genius. (photo via etsy seller: studioAMF).

found photo: cork'n cleaver.

thanks be to this fort wayne indiana dining establishment for a delicious vodka martini, solid pewter dinnerware and the fondest memories of the night before we met our ww. (yep, that's the menu pictured above).

02 March 2009

ebay finds: 1950s vintage strapless dress.

usually all you have to say is "metal zipper" and I'm a goner, but this dress has really got it all. (photos via ebay seller: liberty_hill_collectibles)

01 March 2009

etsy picks: chunky taupe crochet cowl.

my hooks and vintage yarn are both still hiding under my bed. in the meantime, I'm still hunting down handmade crochet odds and ends on etsy. loving this chunky knit scarf alternative in what also happens to be my favorite color right now. (photos via etsy seller: crazyjaneknits)

elizabeth schuppe.

mw and I were lucky enough to see some amazing new paintings yesterday during a visit to elizabeth's studio. stunning!