27 July 2008

herman miller swag leg table.

this photo just makes me happy, like matching your purse to your shoes. find the table here.

23 July 2008

navy blue swimming.

a bit tired of overtly sexy, which a bikini by nature just is. this reminds me of my mom in the 70s, wonder what she'd think of that. too bad they're sold out of my size.

21 July 2008

knife stand.

one more thing to covet. sure beats the block of wood currently sitting on my kitchen counter...

leaning coat rack.

brilliant. now, why didn't I think of that?

20 July 2008

weezie walk. low sun.

before the weekend started, heat wave, lic afternoon. lots of wind...

roost stoneware nesting bowls.

rocky II is on tv and I am shopping. as for these roost stoneware nesting bowls: yes, please.

16 July 2008

the insound 20.

long awaited, and finally here. the smarty pants' at insound along with artist jason munn of the small stakes have put together a carefully selected and geniusly curated series of posters, shirts and hoodies. buy the insound 20 logo poster and all proceeds go to 82 6 nyc, a local organization dedicated to developing the minds of young creative writers. not to mention the cool art now on your wall. yay mw! i'm proud of you.

13 July 2008

(summer) minestrone.

with some help from freshly picked wax beans and green beans from dad's garden, suger snap peas, some organic veggie stock and what was left in my bag of trader joe's harvest grain blend, this soup appears. yum. I could very well trick mw into eating his vegetables. (adapted from heidi swanson's spring minestrone recipe from her lovely cookbook, super natural cooking).

11 July 2008

my humps, redux.

not explicitly an alanis fan, but this is a pretty genius combination of disparate musical aesthetics. once I start listening, I can't stop. almost as good as the american analog set/kelly clarkson mash up.

10 July 2008

perfect wedding gift.

a year out, I'm still adding to my wedding registry gift list. a perfect choice: this lovely picnic set from heath ceramics. I suppose there's always birthdays?